FOR 10th and 12th Science all Boards

VD offers a unique preparation plan for board exam 2017. We have prepared chapter wise test and assignments for PCMB subjects. Students can select the chapter that they are best prepared with and solve them at their own convenient time. The solved test papers will be corrected immediately and relevant feedback will be provided to the students. They will also receive a copy of the model answer paper of the respective test.

How it works?

Student can revise the chapter of any of the subjects (PCMB) that he/she prepared with and inform VD about their convenient time to solve the paper.

VD coordinator will then arrange the question paper and informed the students about the fixed time that he/she can write the paper.

Student can solve this paper from home as the question paper is delivered through whatsapp or mail. Student can solve the paper within the fixed time UNDER PARENTAL SUPERVISION and then send the photo image of that paper back to the coordinator through whatsapp or net.

Once VD receives the solved paper a model answer paper will be immediately send back to the student. The answer paper solved by the student will be immediately corrected and photocopy will be sent to the student again through whatsapp or net with the relevant feedback points.

This activity can be repeated for any or all chapters as and when the student is prepared.

How it helps the student?

  • It enables the student to study and solve question papers in planed manner.
  • It covers most likely questions for board exam.
  • Student learns effective time management while solving the papers.
  • It provides a real time statistics of the preparation of the student.
  • Immediate correction and feedback helps in identifying string and weak areas of PCMB subjects. Student can then work on the improvement areas and score better in their actual board exams.
  • Parents get to know exact confidence level of the student.

What are the additional benefits?

Based on the performance of this tests student can ask for extra coaching of any subject or any chapter (PCMB).

Correction is done by experienced professors and hence students can expect valuable feedback and knowledge about better presentation of his/her final board exam.

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