Planning for Individual Student

VD Academics private coaching in Navi Mumbai has made this unique arrangement of providing a PROGRAM MENTOR & STUDY PLANNER for INDIVIDUAL STUDENTS preparing for board exam and competitive entrance exams. This mentor will be in touch directly with the student and parent. Mentor will take full responsibility of the student academic requirements based on the student’s individual needs.

Role of Mentor

  • Understand the student’s individual strength and weakness in PCMB subjects.
  • Analyze the understanding levels of the student.
  • Design a structured study plan and syllabus coverage based on students requirements to prepare for board/entrance exam.
  • Follow up with the student on regular basis and know their daily preparation task.
  • Arrange required lectures and test as best suited for the individual student.
  • Keep the parents informed about the student’s studies and report improvement areas

How it helps Students?

  • Students can freely discuss their problem areas in PCMB subject.
  • Students can inform the mentor about syllabus coverage as required in school/college.
  • Get guidance on regular basis to enhance their preparation for board exam.

How it helps Parents?

  • Parents will get regular updates about their Childs daily studies and test preparation.
  • Get detailed information about their child’s strength and weakness.
  • Mentor acts as a major point of contact for parents rather than interacting with all facilities.

Why this arrangement required in today’s scenario?

  • Students face a lot of stress and anxiety during their preparation for board exam.
  • They find it very uncomfortable to open up and speak honestly in crowded coaching classes. They hesitate to ask doubts fearing possible judgments about the student’s skills.
  • The child really needs personal caring mentor who can understand his /her academic requirements. Coaching Class arrangements are not helpful for the student who does not really get with multiple teachers in a crowded classroom. Valuable suggestions by mentor help the student to follow a structured study plan and show consistent improvement.