Understanding Teenager’s Academic Needs Better

The current scenario – Parents of teenager (12th, 11th, 10th, 9th)

  1. Follow the herd mentality in joining conventional crowded coaching class.
  2. Individual strength and weakness in PCM subjects are not analyzed.
  3. Each child has unique academic requirements based on his/her grasping skills, knowledge from past and inclination towards subject.
  4. Excessive hour of travelling to distant (and resultant stress) classes imparts the personal self-study and practice hours. On an average student joining classes spends 250 hrs during crucial year of board exam.
  5. In batch of over 30 students, individual student hesitate to ask doubts and are usually shy and non-expensive.
  6. Crowded coaching classes accommodate students from different schools in a single batch. School wise tests and syllabus coverage are not usually in sync. Individual study needs (as per school requirements) are not met.
  7. Weak students feel left out amidst the hyper over topper students in crowded conventional coaching classes.


Mediocre performance at school/college by over 80% of students attending conventional crowded coaching classes for board exam preparation

What can work better?

Parents can opt for HOME LEARNING MODEL


  1. Learning on 1 to 1 basis or in a small group of 3 to 4 students of the same school.
  2. Learn from expert teachers as nominated by the student.
  3. Ensures individual attention.
  4. No hesitation in asking doubts.
  5. Better analysis of individual strength & weakness in PCMB subjects.
  6. Regular 1 to 1 mentoring by the non teaching faculty (appointed exclusively) for that small batch.
  7. Regular tests and assessments and instant correction/feedback pattern. [All done at students home]
  8. Time saved (by not travelling) is better utilized for self study & practice.
  9. Parents can get regular updates on their phone through apps.


Every student gets individual attention & performs to the best of his/her potential.

VD Home Learning Methodology

  • VD appoints a PERSONAL STUDY & EXAM MANAGER for individual student batch to analyze study needs, design customized course plan arrangehome tuition at students (place) by team of expert professors (PCMB)
  • Design test and assessment plan to monitor improvement
  • Regular monitoring & motivation to keep the interest levels activated throughout.
  • Keep the parents updated regularly about progress track of students.

Our Resources

  • Team of 50 expert teachers for PCMB subjects.
  • Personal mentor and study planner assigned for each student.
  • Test and assessment papers...
  • Well planned course schedule and effective communication model for student and parents.